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Universedoge.com is a dogecoin cloud mining platform that gives you the comfort of just investing and doing nothing else just waiting for the time for your dogecoin mining to increase to the minimum withdrawal limit. Here you contract our investment plan with Controlled Return Instead of buying mining plates that are very expensive and take a long time to return, Invest your dogecoin today and profit for a long time.
You must register with a username and password and enter your password recovery email. After that login to your account visit the page (Buy Dhs) where you will find your address for deposit dogecoin send the coins and update the Your dogecoin mining starts immediately after the deposit, Your plans last 30 days and you can withdraw after the minimum. To withdraw your balance visit the (Withdraw) page and enter your wallet address and amount to be withdrawn.
Deposit any amount above 5 Dogecoin to increase your mining power.
You must have at least 5 Dogecoin to withdraw at rate 2
You earn 6% per day for 30 days totaling 180% of the amount invested!
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Inactive accounts for more than 30 days will be deleted!, Just have an active plan for your account not to be deleted!
Our dhs free promotional period has now ended!
You deposit 1000 Dogecoin and earn 1800 Dogecoin